Friday, April 30, 2010

Band of Horses: NW Apt

Here's a video for another song off Band of Horses upcoming release Infinite Arms, due out May 18.

NW Apt (or Northwest Apartment) is another bright, driving song BOH has become known for.

Ininite Arms
is shaping up to be a really good record. It occurred to me, though, why the band would release so many songs on the web. I've heard rumors it was leaked, but who knows. Four songs have been officially released for previewing thus far: Compliments, Laredo, Factory and now NW Apt, in that order.

I wonder what can be done, if anything, to better protect these artists' material?

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  1. If they allowed the longstanding tradition of sharing they might find they would grow their audience. Why would I buy an album from a band I've never heard? Make a great product, price it accordingly, and people will buy it.