Monday, April 20, 2009

Media Night Coffeehouse: more than $500 raised

Trina Poland and Sean MaGee from
Trampoline Design offer up some soulful acoustic.

Everyone that showed up at the 2nd somewhat annual Media Night Coffeehouse was treated to quite the show as many very talented locals showed up for the cause.

The Trampoline Design duet serenaded the crowd with some acoustic pleasure; Post-Star veteran and event host Maury Thompson kept the mood light-hearted on piano, especially with his Vegetarian song ... "You're like a zucchini because you always squash my heart" (lol, or something like that); Ray Agnew, Glens Falls Hospital media relations coordinator, was the hands-down the musician-extraordinaire of the night; and others showcased singing, poetry and more.

Drummer Jamie Harr, late addition Mark Dew on vocals, and I ran into a few bumps in our 15 minute performance but still managed Soulshine (Allman Bros.), The Weight (The Band) and Powderfinger (Neil Young) to the crowd's pleasure (unless they were just being nice).

Trampoline Design featured a video of its performance on its blog and also added links to other performances, including a short clip of our version of "The Weight." See the clip here.

All in all, it was a successful evening and we raised more than $500 for Feet First, a local organization that puts good shoes on kids that need them.

Playing in a church probably got me a few
points with J.C. but I still need to go to confession ...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Media Night Coffee House

So this Saturday at 6 p.m. I will be playing a few numbers for a charity jam session at Christ Church United Methodist on the corner of Bay and Washington streets in Glens Falls (see prior post with press release).

Proceeds go to benefit Feet First; a charity that buys shoes for the needy.

I was originally going to play with my brother but he can't make it, 'so the powers that be left me here to do the thinkin.' I recruited a drummer, Jamie Harr, who will keep the beat for me. I plan on doing three songs, one will definately be the inspirational Soulshine, with a possible Big River (Johnny Cash) encore, as Jamie used to be a river guide in the ADKs and I am a big fisherman.

Trampoline Design whipped up a nice poster for the event:

Consistent with Tampoline's familiar
poster style, nice work as always.

Once again, event begins at 6 p.m. Saturday April 18. If you're in the area, stop in and toss some money to a good cause.

- J

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hug it out

My review appeared on Umphrey's McGee's Web site on their main page yesterday afternoon, thus cementing my victory. Thanks for the hug Umphrey's.

Oh, and some more Manel art:

Manel's illustration for French artist Sebastien Tellier's album cover.
Tellier seems like quite the, how you say ...
"hommes de dames" (ladies man).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stamp of Approval: Stephane Manel

Every once and a while your mind is blown to pieces. Right when I thought illustration was dead, along comes French artist Stephane Manel.

Wow, pretty incredible!

I was watching a music video for Chromeo's "Momma's Boy;" a sick song from the great new "digital" duo (check it out on their MySpace page - the first video on the left side of the page). It was an illustrated video directed and illustrated by the aforementioned Manel. Well, I was so impressed by the video that I Googled him, went to his site and was blooown awaaay.

He is the future of pop art without a doubt. Thanks Stephane for expanding my brain today. Oh, and Chromeo is amaaazing as well. Buying their double disc today.

I will be emulating his style in some artwork soon and will post one illustration that I did months ago that is similar to his style. Still working on the Claypool and eco stuff as well.

Hidden Track Review

My review appeared on Hidden Track yesterday afternoon. Read it here.

Being the show that I reviewed was April 8, it was a little stale when it hit the site but the editor was in China for the week and couldn't post it any sooner.

Hidden Track (a subsidary of Glide music magazine) won the Weblog award for "Best Music Blog" in 2008. I got hooked to it months ago because of it's fresh look at the music scene. It is awesome for anyone who is more than just a casual fan of jam and rock music. Each day of the week has featured departments: like Stormy Monday's and Friday Mix Tape. They also have a guy that does movie reviews, one that does book reviews and everything else that keeps you caught up with music and beyond - I definately recommend.

I am very happy to be associated with HT and will surely be offering my time for another review soon (hopefully as correspondent at Mountain Jam in Hunter, N.Y. on May 31-June 2).

Not to get greedy, but my hope is that the Umphrey's family catches wind of my review and throws it on its Web site.

It would be like a big hug that a writer so desperatley needs every now and again.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Calvin Theatre: Sean Culligan's photos

Here are some photos from Wednesday night's Umphrey's show by Glens Falls photographer Sean Culligan. Visit his Web site for more of his work (He has some really great shots from Asia and England).
Wow, nuff said. Great shot Sean. I'm sure you had to
ward off the Umphreaks to get this one.

Scott Hannay, far right, from Hudson Falls, sitting in with the band
Guitarist Jake Cinninger in a shred trance

Lead singer/guitarist Brendan Bayliss hitting the high note

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Umphrey's McNES invades the stage

Scott Hannay, from Glens Falls, stage left, sitting in on the
instrumental "Triple Wide" with Umprhey's McGee April 8
at The Calvin Theatre in Northampton, Mass.

Set One
In The Kitchen > Cemetery Walk > #5 > The Haunt > Another Brick In The Wall jam > In The Kitchen, The Triple Wide^, 40's Theme

Set Two
Blue Echo^ > Robot World, Plunger > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Plunger, The Bottom Half > Spires > The Bottom Half, Equal Rights, Kimble > The Floor
The Fuzz > Glory
^ with Scott Hannay on keys with Joel
* with lyrics
Editors note: Scotty actually sat-in on "Robot World" also. And, he began the second set by himself with "Blue Echo." Props to him for getting up in front of a theater full of screaming college kids and holding his own with one of the most technical musicians in the business!

Stay tuned for video and professional photos from Sean Culligan as well as links to the Hidden Track review. I will also post a link to where you can listen to the show in its entirety. Of course you can buy the show (high-quality) at for $9.95. People are calling it the best of 2009 so far. I agree and that will reflect in my review; I wish I could sound a little more objective, and I will - a wee little tiny bit.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Umphrey's McNES: The Day of Truth

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know of Glens Falls musician Scott Hannay. If not, check out previous "Umphrey's McNES" posts.

Here's the 4-1-1 on Scott for those new to the blog:

He is a multifaceted musician who plays guitar, bass and keyboards for a number of bands in the Glens Falls area.

As a hobby, he began arranging songs by artist Umphrey's McGee using the original Nintendo sound effects. So he can hit a key on his keyboard and you instantly recognize the sound: Like one is Zelda's sword swinging, another is Mario's fireball, another is Mega Man, ect. ect.

So he used these sounds to arrange UM's dynamic structure songs note for note and, after putting them on MySpace under the name "Umphrey's McNES," he created a mini-sensation among the band's fans.

Well, the band took notice, liked it and asked him to sit-in on a concert with them. I won't rant about this being a big deal, but I encourage you to read The New York Times review of their recent release if you've never heard of the band and couldn't care less.

After practicing and being generally psyched for a good month, that day is now upon Scott, in fact the show is tonight, April 8, at around 8 p.m. at The Calvin Theatre in Northampton, Mass.

So, what's new with Scott since my story first ran in the newspaper?

Well, he was "officially" embraced by UM when his version of their song "1348" (click here to hear Scott's version) was added to their online exclusive material. Scott was in pretty good company. The song was available along with a version of "Intentions Clear" featuring bluegrass legend, Bela Fleck, on banjo as well as a version of King Crimson's (60's era original prog-rock band) song "Thela Hun Ginjeet" featuring original Crimson lead singer Adrian Belew.

He has also been practicing on adapting his songs, which were done for the most part on computer, to keyboards. See, the computer allowed him to recreate the melodies, base and vocal lines and drum beat. To try and recreate that sound, Scott has been trying to play various parts using three keyboards. Truth is, he has no idea what to expect tonight. However, as a precautionary measure, he set up a rig with three keyboards, a computer and other gadgets that allow him to manipulate sounds.

I caught up with him while he was practicing recently, here's is a look:

I will be making the trip and writing a review of the show for Glide Magazine's Hidden Track blog so stay posted for exclusive photos and video from Northampton including pre-and-post-show festivities.

Scotty practicing on his rig.

Well, good luck tonight Scotty, see you after the show for a few clinks of the old glass!

(Stay tuned for more photos/vids from Northampton.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Media Night Coffee House

Local media personnel will jam for Feet First benefit

GLENS FALLS - Christ Church United Methodist will host the second Media Night Coffee House at 6 p.m. April 18 in the fellowship hall of the church at the corner of Bay and Washington streets in downtown Glens Falls.
Wordsmiths and video masterminds who devote their leisure time to music, poetry or other pursuits will gather to raise money for Feet First, a local charity that provides shoes for needy children in the greater Glens Falls area.
A tentative list of participants includes Maury Thompson, staff writer for The Post-Star; Ray Agnew, vice president Glens Falls Hospital; Trampoline Design house band; Glen Carlsen and Frieda Toth, freelance writers; Mik Bondy and friends from Behan Communications; Jessie Jackson, co-owner of WNCE TV8; and The Barrelhouse Brothers, featuring John Coleman, writer for Post-Star niche publications.
Admission is free. Donations will benefit Feet First.
Free trade coffee, tea and baked goods will be on sale to benefit Feet First.