Monday, April 20, 2009

Media Night Coffeehouse: more than $500 raised

Trina Poland and Sean MaGee from
Trampoline Design offer up some soulful acoustic.

Everyone that showed up at the 2nd somewhat annual Media Night Coffeehouse was treated to quite the show as many very talented locals showed up for the cause.

The Trampoline Design duet serenaded the crowd with some acoustic pleasure; Post-Star veteran and event host Maury Thompson kept the mood light-hearted on piano, especially with his Vegetarian song ... "You're like a zucchini because you always squash my heart" (lol, or something like that); Ray Agnew, Glens Falls Hospital media relations coordinator, was the hands-down the musician-extraordinaire of the night; and others showcased singing, poetry and more.

Drummer Jamie Harr, late addition Mark Dew on vocals, and I ran into a few bumps in our 15 minute performance but still managed Soulshine (Allman Bros.), The Weight (The Band) and Powderfinger (Neil Young) to the crowd's pleasure (unless they were just being nice).

Trampoline Design featured a video of its performance on its blog and also added links to other performances, including a short clip of our version of "The Weight." See the clip here.

All in all, it was a successful evening and we raised more than $500 for Feet First, a local organization that puts good shoes on kids that need them.

Playing in a church probably got me a few
points with J.C. but I still need to go to confession ...

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