Friday, February 18, 2011

Breakingviews | Rocknomics

Breakingviews Rocknomics

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

Here we go ...

The first single released from Radiohead's new album, King of Limbs, available for digital download tomorrow!

Jason Isbell performs "Streetlights" Live at WTMD

Here's some nice Friday morning music -- a song called "Streelights" from Jason Isbell and the 400 unit. It's slow-cooked rock-and-roll with a southern, hickory flavor. The album never gets old.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh yeah, and Radiohead's new album, King of Limbs, can be downloaded Saturday!!

A true crouching tiger, hidden dragon move by Radiohead to announce their album a week before it's released (and then sneak it out a day earlier than the press was anticipating), but I'm all for it! This First-Listen, album preview nonsense takes all the excitement out of holding a new album in my hand and tearing it open when I get into my car -- love it or hate it. I would say that was the reason why I haven't gone out and bought the new Decemberist and Iron & Wine albums (although they are good).

More good news for your Tuesday:

This, on the Fruit Bats blog:

"Just starting work on the latest album, expect new Fruit Bats jams sometime this year! Also, I've composed the score to a couple of movies this year. The first of those is called Ceremony (in theaters April 8th!), directed by my buddy Max Winkler. You can check out the preview here - we even used an old Fruit Bats chestnut for the trailer as you'll hear! More to come very soon, friends... Much love, EDJ"

Check out said trailer for "Ceremony" here.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Inspiring CD jacket design by Chicago-based firm, Arlo.


Here's a great list of print-related books:

If Print's Dead, What Are We All Still Doing Here?

2011: Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit from Frater on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Explosions in the Sky


The Daily

As if newspapers needed more competition. Introducing -- The Daily. It's "the industry’s first national daily news publication created from the ground up for iPad."

It's mission (

"The Daily launched on January 17, 2011 with the mission to provide the best news experience by combining world-class storytelling with the unique interactive capabilities of the iPad.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Jesse Angelo and Publisher Greg Clayman, The Daily is a category first: a tablet-native national news brand built from the ground up to publish original content exclusively for the iPad.

The Daily is incisive, optimistic, and independent. It's not just an app—it's a new voice. The Daily is offered exclusively in Apple's iPad App Store and is available free for two weeks. It costs just 99 cents a week, or $39.99 a year."

I'm intrigued.
Not sold.

White Stripes Are Done

Bittersweet to hear that the White Stripes are officially done, as was reported on their website yesterday. The message addresses many of the questions that might linger, stating that the "break up" isn't due to personal or health issues, but rather to "preserve something beautiful." Those of us who never caught a WS show still have the opportunity to see Jack White and Meg perform in one of their other projects, Raconteurs or Dead Weather.

The White Stripes certainly made an impression on me and kept me busy during my "formidable years" learning songs like Seven Nation Army and Dead Leaves for guitar. A-dios White Stripes, off you ride into rock history and lore.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Fleet Foxes ... Finally!

I was able to exhale this morning when I saw an article on about Fleex Foxes long-awaited second album. None too soon, as I was openly begging for new Fleet Foxes here not long ago.

The new record will be called Helplessness Blues and is due out May 3. Word has it they recorded a good bit in upstate New York. From a band that calls the Pacific Northwest home, I can take a little more pride in my corner of the world.

Certainly has been a great source of inspiration for me.

- J