Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh yeah, and Radiohead's new album, King of Limbs, can be downloaded Saturday!!

A true crouching tiger, hidden dragon move by Radiohead to announce their album a week before it's released (and then sneak it out a day earlier than the press was anticipating), but I'm all for it! This First-Listen, album preview nonsense takes all the excitement out of holding a new album in my hand and tearing it open when I get into my car -- love it or hate it. I would say that was the reason why I haven't gone out and bought the new Decemberist and Iron & Wine albums (although they are good).

More good news for your Tuesday:

This, on the Fruit Bats blog:

"Just starting work on the latest album, expect new Fruit Bats jams sometime this year! Also, I've composed the score to a couple of movies this year. The first of those is called Ceremony (in theaters April 8th!), directed by my buddy Max Winkler. You can check out the preview here - we even used an old Fruit Bats chestnut for the trailer as you'll hear! More to come very soon, friends... Much love, EDJ"

Check out said trailer for "Ceremony" here.

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