Monday, July 19, 2010


How can a magazine cover bring me so much joy?

I discovered the Portland-based nonprofit Orlo in a roundabout way. I saw its award-winning design for its in-house publication The Bear Deluxe Magazine in Print Magazine's design annual a couple years back. I was instantly attracted to its earthy appearance and its mission to be an "innovative voice in the ongoing cultural dialogue about the environment through provocative outreach, education and media productions."

Currently, Orlo’s focus is publishing The Bear Deluxe Magazine, facilitating visual art at the Orlo Exhibition Space and elsewhere and providing leadership in the field of environmental art.

Become a friend of Orlo and for 35 bucks you also get a subscription to Bear Deluxe, which is alone worth the price, but also get in touch with some really progressive stuff happening in sustainable living.

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