Thursday, October 20, 2011


Skiing to me is getting towed up the community hill where my dad taught me how to ski and nearly killing myself run after run, then warming up with some free hot cocoa while I dried off by the wood stove in the one-room cabin at the bottom. Skiing, at its very simplest, is a feeling. I could care less how I look or how many runs I get in - it's just about making some turns.

How it is that I got more days in skiing 10 years ago, with no job, than I do today is beyond me. Lift ticket prices are out-of-control and it's hard to justify buying a $1,000+ season's pass when you have bills to pay. So I had the idea of buying a randonee setup to take advantage of the Adirondack slides and avoid pricey lift tickets at resorts. Well, that isn't quite panning out either. After doing some research, I've found the cost of randonee gear -- freeride skis, lightweight boots, touring bindings and skins (which alone are $175) -- is just as pricey, if not pricier, than traditional alpine gear - as this article in Outside details. I guess I'll have to suck up the price of tickets, get at the back of the lift line and settle for another stellar five-day season.

I'll still manage to get psyched up to ski though. This video helps!

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