Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Greener Road Ahead

Beach Road (Via Adirondack Almanak)
There's a number of environmental advocacy groups who do a great job protecting Lake George and it's watershed, the Lake George Association (LGA) being the most prominent. It - along with the Department of Public Works and NYS Department of Transportation - deserves major cred for an innovative, $6 million project to install porous asphalt on Beach Road, which is host to motorcycle rallies, restaurants and businesses, and is one of the most travelled roads in the lake's southern rim.

The LGA identified storm water as the No. 1 cause of pollutants entering Lake George. The porous asphalt acts as a filter for storm water before it enters the lake.

Kudos to the LGA and New York State for their environmental foresight and for keeping Lake George "George-ous."

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