Saturday, March 8, 2014

Still Evolving …

In the first post I wrote for Casual Evolution, way back in 2009, I explained why I started this blog. To sum it up, I had followed the advice of the owner of a web and graphic design firm in Saratoga Springs. In an informal sit down at the agency, he told me that if I wanted to reach my goal of becoming a professional designer, I needed to network and build my portfolio by doing pro bono work. A blog, he explained, could be my ever-evolving portfolio.

It was sound advice, for sure; and while I haven't been posting new work much of late, Cas:Ev was always there if I had something new to share: whether it was a concert review, a logo I whipped up, a new band I was excited about, or to call in an expert (Thanks Shanna!).

The truth is, with a degree in journalism and a minor in graphic design, I thought landing a job as a designer was a stretch. So I leaned on my writing experience after college, working as a newspaper reporter for three years, and, more recently, as a marketing coordinator at a paper manufacturer. I found creative outlets at both jobs, volunteering to do page layout at the newspaper and designing marketing flyers for Finch Paper. But the desire to become a full-time designer never waned. There were times I feared that I'd lose my creative side and end up doing something mundane and unfulfilling.

But fear not, friends. I'm excited to share that I accepted a job as Junior Designer at Trampoline, a creative and marketing agency in my hometown of Glens Falls (check out their website). I've known  the team (the tramps) through work with Finch, and got to know them on a personal level as well. But I was still  surprised when they reached out for an interview. They understood I hadn't been doing a lot of creative work, but thanks to this blog and through our collaborative work at Finch, they knew what I could bring to the team.

The new digs.

So, thus begins a new chapter in my life -- an exciting one at that. I'll keep Casual Evolution alive, and will post occasionally with updates on the new gig.

Thanks for checking in, and until next time,


- J

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