Friday, February 27, 2009

Going green (or lack thereof)

"The case flies open on a new set of work. A hundred-eighty degree turn."

Eco-design. It's one of those fresh new words to enter the lexicon. It conjures up thoughts of cartoon birds singing at your window and fresh greenery sprouting about. Which is fitting, because spring is on its way as is Saint Pattie's Day, arguably the most energy-efficient holiday (hence its association with green ...this is a joke).

However, it can mean different things depending on what context you use it and who you're talking to. For example, an architect might think you'd be referring to the current trend of building a structure using an eco-friendly approach, from how it's powered to the materials used in construction.

Talk to a graphic designer and it can mean a couple things: a.) A more efficient means of printing and working (design studios use tons of paper and toxic materials such as inks, ect.) or b.) a design that alludes to a sense of cleanliness that many companies are looking for to try and portray themselves as a business that is eco-friendly in some way.

For the sake of this blog, I'll be referring to option b.

Every company is doing it, right? "Going green" is everywhere. Green color schemes and leaves everywhere. Well, it's probably not a trend.

British Petroleum: Now when I think petroleum, I think green ...ahhh. Great logo though.

The jobs of the future will likely be jobs that will attempt to make the world a cleaner more efficient place.

Obama's plan is to create a whole new job market for "eco-jobs," ensuring that government buildings are made more energy efficient and new buildings follow strict energy-saving codes. In addition, he is a proponent of paperless records in hospitals, using computerized records instead; saving trees and generally making the health care process more efficient while eliminating human error that leads to lives lost.

So I'm going to jump on this bandwagon (made of recycled materials).

For the month of March I will try and produce only eco-designs.

The catch is that I will do it using NO GREEN! (I know, you're wondering 'How can he go green without using green?') Well, be prepared for plenty of whitespace and sensible designs that will hopefully scream clean and efficient.

Wish me luck.

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