Monday, February 23, 2009

Local Kid Does OK: Umphrey's McNES

(Photo illustration courtesy of Scott's MySpace page)

I faced an interesting situation after posting my last post, which was a story about a musician friend of mine, Scott Hannay, getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

The thing is, I had plans to publish the story in a weekly newspaper I write for. It didn't really occur to me right away that having it on my blog might prior to it being published might (or might not) present a series of unfavorable consequences for me.

So if having it on my blog meant not having it published, I didn't want to take that risk. After all, the point is to reach as many people as possible and I don't think too many people read my posts (which makes me feel a little strange when I sit here typing to myself whoa)

Word has it my story may even run as an abridged version (or at least a refer) in the daily newspaper's Friday entertainment section (of this week I believe) and run in full in a weekly paper that is inserted in the daily Wednesday, Feb. 25.

After it is published I'll get it back up on this bitch in some form, no worries mate.

In the meantime, check out Scott's music!




  1. looking forward to the post star running the whole shebang abouut scott's debute with the famous Umphrey's McGee. had the pleasure of doing a mini UM road trip with scott albany > burlington and seeing jake be wowed when scott showed him the computer NES machine/theory generator dooger thingy. UM now is a huge scott fan. w00t!

  2. That must have been sweet! I may head right to the Boston after the Northampton show for a wee-mini road trip...then Mountian Jam V is always a blast.

    The story will run this coming Wednesday and hopefully it will be online shortly thereafter and I'll have a link to it. I liked it the way I had it on my blog, from a first-person standpoint. The one in the paper will be 'newsy' if you know what I mean.

    People are gonna be like "Humphrey's Bogart??"