Monday, May 11, 2009

Homage to Monsieur Manel

My portrait of Duane Allman ...

Manel's portrait of Sebastien Tellier.

Actually a homage to both French artist Stephane Manel and the late, great blues guitarist Duane Allman.

I discovered Manel after watching an illustrated music video for Chromeo's Momma's Boy and was blown away by his style. After analyzing his work closely I knew it was somehow computer generated, so I began my drawing of Duane as a sketch and traced it into illustrator to see what I could do with it.

While I could emulate most of his style with brushes, I was stumped on how he got his fluid lines and "sketchiness." I concluded that he must be using a Wacom digital drawing pad.

Kid you not, I was just searching for an image to slap with this post and stumbled on a video, in French, that shows Manel sketching using a Wacom pad (cool video, watch it). I KNEW IT!! That's how he gets his unique fluid line and maintains a sketchy look. I hope to get a Wacom pad soon. It will be a small investment, especially if I should want Corel Painter, which a video-game-designer-friend of mine requested I get if I buy a Wacom pad.

Now, maybe you're wondering why I chose Duane Allman for a portrait? The Tellier portrait reminded me of a photo I had; an Annie Leibovitz shot from the early '70s.

The shot shows the Allman Brothers, Duane, left, and Greg, asleep on the road in California. Leibovitz always knew how to capture the essence of rock and roll; this is no exception - one of my all-time favs.
I hope that by studying Manel's style a little rubbed off on me; actually, I'll make sure it does. When I get my hands on a Wacom pad, the fun begins.


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