Friday, May 8, 2009

Wallabee's gig

The Wallabee's gig was a success in many ways and we were asked to return in July for a repeat performance.

My brother Ted and his college band mate Tommy Giamichael, used the night to rekindle their days playing in Potsdam. They played a first set that included Lenny, by SRV, Friend of the Devil, He's Gone, Hey Hey and original tunes. My brother and I began the second set with The Allman Brothers' In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and went into In The Kitchen, Beautifully Broken and others. Then all three of us played well past midnight, touching on tunes like This Must Be The Place by the Talking Heads, Willin' by Little Feat and Don't Go Changin' On Me, a Ray Charles ballad.

All said, it was a fun night and I look forward to doing it again.

The Barrellhouse Brothers reunited ... for now


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