Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Beatles get animated?

That's right, Rock Band: Beatles Edition video game debut (September 2009) has lazy kids everywhere doing finger exercises in preparation for what will be hours of retina-melting finger tapping and general mind decay.

Days after Jack White (The White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather) and Jimmy Page ripped games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero as being an "undesirable way for people to be exposed to music," (read here), I have found a ray of light in the coporate sellout we call Rock Band. The animator for the Gorillaz music videos (remember Feel Good Inc.?), who I've long admired, created a sick cinematic for the Beatles edition of Rock Band.

Screenshot ...

Check out the cinematic here

Hey, at least Rock Band is thinking in the right direction by giving the band of all bands their own game. I would love to hear John Lennon's thoughts ... but, hopefully kids get the message - and some exercise.


  1. Wait wait wait. In order of importance:
    #1 You know who Dead Weather is?
    #2 Mind decay?
    #3 Rock Band=Corporate Sellout?

    We're going to have to sit down and actually talk come 4th of July

  2. #1 I've known about Dead Weather from the beginning. Not a fan.
    #2 Yes.
    #3 Just look at the bottom of the cinematic screen and count all the pretty little logos and all the corporations that have signed on with Rock Band. It's packaging and branding at its best. This equals corporate sellout ...

  3. Although I'd love to make a living in branding and packaging ...

  4. Okay, I'll give you all the corporate branding and packaging. But think about it this way: those bands are all getting paid (yes, arguably selling out). But some of those bands wouldn't be getting paid otherwise, such as the artists in the "bonus section", or whatever it's called.
    Also, because kids these days grow up in such a instant-gratification, latest technology world, they do get lazy. BUT with games like Guitar Hero, they can be exposed to bands they wouldn't be otherwise, and hopefully be inspired to listen further or even pick up an instrument and play. With school budgets being cut everyday, mostly effecting the art programs, I think games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero aren't the worst thing that could happen to kids.
    And it's just so damn fun to play!

  5. Anyone else on how Rock Band/Guitar Hero have influenced the way people are exposed to music? I am old-fashioned I guess (although I hadn't heard of Wolfmother before Guitar Hero and I'm a fan now ...)