Friday, July 10, 2009

A couple cool things (on a hot day)

I thought I'd share a couple things I've been checking out lately:

1. Orlo (The Bear Delux Magazine):

Awesome cover spread for The Bear Delux Magazine's lates issue.

I discovered Orlo by way of The Bear Deluxe Magazine
(Mission statements make life easy, so you'll get a couple today):
"The Bear Deluxe is a national, independent environmental magazine publishing significant works of reporting, creative nonfiction, literature, visual art and design. Based int he Pacific Northwest, The Bear Deluxe reaches across cultrual and political divides to engage readers on vital issues effecting the environment."
Formed in 1993, the magazine caters heavily to the Portland, OR, scene, but anyone can subscribe with a minimum donation of $35 (send check in recyclable envelopes, of course ...)

As for the mission of Orlo itself:
"Since 1992, Orlo has been an innovative voice in the ongoing cultural dialogue about the environment through provocative outreach, education and media productions."

Orlo is a nonprofit organization using the creative arts to explore environmental issues."

Pretty cool. Makes me wonder if enough is being done here in the ADK Park to promote responsible living.

2. The Rainforest Alliance:

If you haven't heard of it before, Rainforest Alliance is the nonprofit that protects rainforests from illegal land-use practices and promotes responsible living in the more general sense.

Now, Rainforest Alliance has been around; what's cool is the updated number of products you and I can buy at the grocery store that are approved by Rainforest Alliance. Products that when you buy them, you know have been produced in a responsible way, "leaving carbon where it belongs," as the motto states.

There are plenty of green living tips on the Web site, but the most important one is "to buy foods grown on farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Choose coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, bananas, orange juice, guava, pineapple, passion fruit, plantains, macadamia nuts and flowers that come from healthy farms where rainforest is conserved and workers receive fair treatment. Visit the Rainforest Alliance's SmartHouse to see how easy it is to integrate sustainable products into your everyday life."

So look around for this logo next time you're shopping or donate on the site:

And no, I don't always practice what I preach, but what harm can it do to spread the word?

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