Friday, March 5, 2010

Survey: Would you use rail transportation?

My friend Mark is working on his thesis as a grad student at U Albany and needs your help!
Take five minutes to fill out his survey, linked below.

Here is his e-mail he sent:

"I need your help. I'm a University at Albany Graduate student working on my thesis in which I need to develop a business plan for a new venture. I decided to do something out of the box and have begun working on a business plan that can be used to develop a light rail system in the Capital Region. I've always believed that a light rail system, one like the TriMet system of Portland, Oregon, would provide a big boost to the Capital Region economy as residents could easily commute to and from work, shopping centers, schools, and other places of interest. The potential light rail system would be costly, logistically difficult to plan and implement, but well worth it in the long run for the area's growth.

A banner promoting Portland, Oregon's, new TriMet: MAX Green Line.
Why doesn't upstate New York have a light rail system again??

Before I jump headlong into writing my thesis, I need to determine the actual demand for a light rail system in the Capital Region. For that reason I've developed a short, 10 question survey that will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete: If you have additional questions or comments you'd like to pass along, please do. The survey software limited the amount of questions for this survey.

Please take the time to complete the survey and if you'd like, feel free to forward to other colleagues, friends, and family members in the Capital Region. I'm hoping to receive enough responses to make this survey statistically significant.

I thank you for your time. Your participation is appreciated and is essential in my development of a convincing thesis.

Best Regards,
Mark "
Right on Mark. I hope you get good participation.

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