Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Allman Bros. return this fall!

With a lot of help from road warrior Warren Haynes and young gun Derek Trucks, The Allman Brothers Band have done a great job of keeping their sound fresh for a new generation of fans. However, for the past decade, Gregg Allman's health has dictated the Allman Brothers' touring schedule. Updates on the band's site keep fans like me informed on his stints in and out of the hospital.
I knew the recent hiatus was due to his health, but I've learned that he had a liver transplant, pulled through it well, and the band will be returning to the road in November with a three-night stint at the Orpheum Theater in Boston.

I've had the priveledge of seeing the Allmans more than any other band -- even way back when the Ramblin' Man himself, Dickey Betts, was still in the band -- and I look forward to the opportunity to see them again soon. Stay well Gregg.


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