Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jameson & The Sordid Seeds

Jameson & The Sordid Seeds, led by frontman Brent Jameson.

Normally, I'm the one reaching out to bands. But recently, a publicist from the Whitefish, Montana-based band, Jameson & the Sordid Seeds, reached out to me and turned me on to J&SS's brand of reggae/blues.

He mentioned their song "Brotherman" was featured on a recent Relix Magazine compilation CD packaged with the magazine. Years ago, a Relix compilation introduced me to some bands that would come to be favorites of mine. So I thought I would spread the love by introducing you to J&SS.

Now, there are a lot of bands who find their niche 'Americanizing' Bob Marley's Kingston vibes. Some achieve this sound better than others. From Sublime to Disptatch to OAR, to some newcomers like John Brown's Body and Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad and many others.

When I heard J&SS, those bands came to mind, but tried to pick up the subtle ways J&SS stood apart. I found a definite strength in front man Brent Jameson's vocals. According to J&SS's MySpace page, Jameson "put his struggles with addiction behind him several years ago and began pursuing music with a newfound vigor." You can definately hear the truth and passion in songs like "For Your Love." In others, his voice blends in with the steel drum, horns and keys to form a soothing mix that I could only compare to singer Mike Mattison of the Derek Trucks Band.

Don't want the summer to fade away? Check out Jameson & The Sordid Seeds. They will put you right where you want to be.