Friday, September 23, 2011

Digital Illustration Taking Over

I've been experimenting with digital illustration for a while now, after seeing the work of French illustrator/graphic artist Stephane Manel, whose career was launched with illustrations in Vogue Paris magazine.

Since then, I've starting to notice digital illustrations all over the web and in print. Here's a couple I saw within the past few days:

A lot of news publications use illustrations for their columnist. The Boston Globe's (or gone digital.

This illustration is one in an impressive series that accompanies an Adweek feature on celebrity chefs. This one features upstate New York native Rachael Ray. I noticed three different illustrators worked on the various images (one did portraits, the other the diagrams, the other the products). Read the article and see the other illustrations here. (Adweek's probably the least sensational and most interesting media trends magazine/website out there, btw)

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