Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If you like watching concerts sprawled on your couch in your skivies(sp), surrounded by your pets (a.k.a. jungle friends), computers and flashy devices - you're in luck. Check out these webcasts this week.

Phish Vermont Flood Benefit Show: Wednesday (tomorrow!) Sept. 14 live from Essex Junction, Vt.:
When Phish plays in Vermont, it's naturally a big deal. While none of the band members are natives of Vermont, they formed at UVM in '83 and have since become synonymous with the Green Mountain State. They also have a history of giving back to places near and dear to them, and back a couple of foundations, Mockingbird Foundation and Waterwheel Foundation.

Click here to order the webcast for $20 and test your audio/video capabilities.

Wilco, Live on Letterman: 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21:
Stream Wilco live on Letterman's stage in New York City. Likely debuting some new tunes off their upcoming album, The Whole Love, and hopefully playing some staples #jesusect #iamtryingtobreakyourheart

Click here to watch the webcast free next Wednesday.

- J

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