Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Newport Folk Fest - Live Webcast

In my search for songs to add to my own live acoustic repertoire, I've come to respect many singer/songwriters who happen to be of the folk genre. I've always loved Dylan, but I've since discovered the music that inspired him - from Woody Guthrie to the nameless troubadours whose songs live on, re-done by countless artists. There's few places to connect with folk roots like the Newport Folk Festival. I didn't act soon enough to get tickets, but I'm happy to learn that NPR will webcast most of the sets, including the Friday night triple bill, including Wilco, Blitzen Trapper and Megafaun.

I had whole-heartedly planned on being at Wilco's Saturday night performance in Cooperstown, N.Y., but that plan was nixed due to more wedding-related activities (wholy f**** shit). So I'll have to settle with a little couch tour.

Click here to watch it all go down as close as you can to actually being there.

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