Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HOW in the world ...?

After college I had aspirations of becoming a graphic designer. It was a tall order for someone who had a journalism degree and 18 credits of design courses. But I fell in love with it and I was determined. I recieved some great advice on how to get there, but, like it or not, I'd be forced to lean on my journalism degree to pay the bills. I trusted that if I continued to work at it and kept my creative side alive (thank you, cas:ev), fate would lead me to my destination.

Here I am, four years later and, after having spent three years at a newspaper writing community news and doing page layout, I find myself in a marketing position with a paper company that markets many of its paper lines primarily to graphic designers.

I've learned more about graphic design (best practices, pre-press, paper selection, ect.) in the past seven months than I could have ever dreamed of learning in a classroom. Not to mention learning how to coordinate a world-class marketing campaign. Better yet, this weekend I'm off to Chicago, where I'll be in the thick of things at the HOW Design Live Conference: a mecca for graphic designers and industry experts. I'll be sitting in on sessions with some of the best graphic designers and typographers in the world.

Who woulda thought, little old me, at the HOW Conference?

As fate may have it.

- J

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