Monday, June 27, 2011

NEW Wilco!

Wilco is in the studio recording their first album under their independent label, dBpm, and they've released a brand-spankin new single "I Might" that you can hear on Stereogum and pre-order on their site, along with some cool new merch. It features a kicking base and vintage, Ray Manzarek-esque (Doors) organ. Yeah, it rocks. I was listening and thinking that there aren't many bands where you can crank your volume up before you hit play and know you'll be happy with the results EVERY, DAMN, TIME. God, I love Wilco.

I didn't make it to Solid Sound Fest for the second year, but I did spend the weekend in Wilco's native Chicago, where I attended the HOW Live design conference, and made sure I listened to only Wilco and fellow Illini, Umphreys McGee while there. I will share some photos/inspiration (free posters, yay!!) from the conference later today.

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