Saturday, March 21, 2009

Displaced Designers

I just read this month's cover story on I.D. (International Design magazine) online about a group of designers who were commissioned by The Nature Conservancy (TNC: the largest conservation agency in the world) to travel to remote TNC preserves and develop prototypes for potential export products that would both draw attention to threatened ecosystems as well as capitalize on what these areas could offer to the world marketplace.

The story was on e of several that went along with the issue's theme, slugged: "Inspired by Nature."

Seven designers traveled to such locations as Costa Rica, Pohnpei and Mexico and some of the things they came up with were far-fetched and stupid but some were pretty clever. The point is that the best designers in the world are being commissioned to develop eco-friendly concepts; a common trend these days and one that I am focusing on this month (making slow, efficient progress).

More to come soon.


This concept by San-Fran-based designer Yves Behar utilizes
a chunk
of Costa Rican chocolate that is shaved into a mug for hot chocolate.
C'mon, is that all they got inCosta Rica is chocolate?

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