Friday, March 6, 2009

Hidden Track

What a great week.

My story about Scott Hannay's date with destiny was a hit and I received a lot of good feedback. I also completed a logo for a private contractor friend of mine that I will post within the next few days.

But here's the best news:

On Thursday I reached out to Hidden Track music blog to see if they would be interested in a first-hand account of the April 8 Umphrey's McGee show with a little background about Scott (I got greedy, which you have to do as a freelancer).

First, a little bit about Hidden Track (from the Web site):

Hidden Track was started in October 2006 by Ace Cowboy and Scott Bernstein to offer live music fans an off-beat look at the scene. We cover a wide range of music from Prog-Rock to Classic Rock to Jazz to Blues to Jam to Indie to Klezmer. Okay, maybe we don’t cover Klezmer although The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band does kick some serious ass. Over the years we’ve developed a more serious tone, but we’re not afraid to drop a fart joke when necessary. In January of 2009, Hidden Track was awarded the 2008 Weblog Award for Best Music Blog, a fair indication of how far we’ve come in just 28 short months.

Yeah, it's the best in the blogosphere and I am hooked. They often feature exclusives with both up-and-coming names in music as well as established acts.

So I sent a snail-mail to and a couple days passed with no reply. I followed up and got a reply almost immediately.

It read:


Thank you so much for following up with me. I had started a response to you, but it got lost in the shuffle before I sent it out.

I'm VERY familiar with Scott Hannay's work and it's amazing. I'm so excited that he gets to mash up with the band. I'm extremely interested in running your account of the evening. Do you need anything from my end?

- Scott

So, yeah, I will tell the nation about April 8 at The Calvin. I will also have a professional photographer accompanying me (Glens Falls native Sean Culligan,!

I have a feeling it will be a memorable one.

P.S. Being associated with anyone named "Ace Cowboy" is pretty sweet. Check out his blog (hilarious)



  1. Where is the show on April 8th?

  2. North Hampton, Ma. I guess I should have investigated a little more.

  3. Yeah I've been out that way before, not a bad drive at all. I want to shoot right to the Boston show after and stay with Naylor or Emily but I don't think I'll be able to pull it off. Not to mention I'd have to do all the writing from the road, which is doable but not the best.