Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Umphrey's McNES hits The Floor

Glens Falls musician Scott Hannay got some mention on Umphrey's McGee's blog 'The Floor' this morning about his version of 1348 being added to the exclusive Mantis content. This is pretty big time but April 8 is the real payoff, when he will sit-in with the band at The Calvin Theatre in Massachusetts.

Go out and buy Mantis people! And check in to cas:ev for more exclusive info following Scott as he rides the wave to mainstream success (I promise you, this will happen). Check out previous Umphrey's McNES posts to learn more about Scott's fateful meeting and date with destiny.

Editors' note: Saint Pattie's day for me turned into a sick all-night jam out with versions of "Whiskey-in-the-Jar," "Peggy-O" and "Long May You Run" abound. We recorded a bunch; 'll try and get a link soon.

My "Traditional Irish 18-pack" of Guiness, Harp and Schmiticks combined with three guitars (one electric), drums and keys has left me with a vicious headache but it was worth it.

Happy hangover all ; o


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