Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A good review to you, Sir

Rolling Stone gave Infinite Arms 3.5 stars in a recent review.

Here is what they had to say:

"On 2007's Cease to Begin, Band of Horses became more of a one-horse town, with frontman Ben Bridwell carrying the load in the wake of partner Mat Brooke's exit. He sounds less lonely on the group's third set, which adds singer-songwriter Tyler Ramsey as a full member, and sees multi-instrumentalist Ryan Monroe growing as a songwriter. Suddenly, the band has blossomed into something more like the Band, with rich harmonies — even when Bridwell just multitracks his own voice — and fuller arrangements. You can also hear some Fleet Foxes, a soft-rock shift that may bum out older fans. But for tuneful chilling out, it's like a fine old couch."

P.S. I really like what Rolling Stone has done with their website/logo. They basically made their Rock Daily blog their home page, keeping music news and viral bits out front, with all the same great material -- like album reviews, politics and culture -- at close hand. I guess when you're Rolling Stone, you're just good like that.

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