Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A casual theory on pre-releases

I've been thinking more about how bands like MGMT, Dr. Dog and Band of Horses have been giving fans more than just a taste of new material, often offering up many new songs off an upcoming release for stream or download, or allowing fans to stream the album in full.

My theory on this is multifaceted:

It seems to me that these bands can do little to prevent new material from being pirated; so, to a record exec sitting in an office somewhere, rather trying to cover things up, why not use the web to your advantage and take the chance a song(s) will go viral.

Rather than just selling EPs on iTunes, throw it to the dogs and cross your fingers that it becomes the top hit on every music blog in the 'sphere. Package it with a video slide show or a full-blown, psycho-mind f***er music video like MGMT did and, suddenly, you've harnessed the power of the web and maybe even cut your losses.

Of course, despite how much is pre-released, the question still remains: How many people purchase your album when it's released.

Thoughts, comments? Like my photo illustration 'Kings of the Blogosphere?'

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