Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Infinite Arms out everywhere!

More Christopher Wilson photography featured on Band of Horses website and album cover. All this nature photography and nature imagery in the new songs ... I think BoH is trying to tell us something.
Infinite Arms is a step back to simplicity.

Band of Horses new record Infinite Arms was released today, Tuesday, May 18, in the U.S. and is available everywhere (don't take my word for it).

Washington Post blogger Allison Stewart blasted the album and the band for their lack of ambition on what was to be their major label breakout. Stewart said it was supposed to be their 'Big Moment.' As in, it was supposed to garner the band considerable recognition as, she writes, Evil Urges did for My Morning Jacket. A fair enough comparison, but I still think Stewart was on glue when she wrote this review.

Take the following line, for example:

"It's the rarest of rock-and-roll animals, a major label debut that doesn't sell out enough."

Doesn't sell out enough? I'm not sure what you're listening to Allison, but I'm not looking for 12 songs with a 'U2 meets Coldplay' sound that is all the rage these days. Especially out of a band like BoH, who are defining folk-rock today. Kings of Leon already sold out with Only by the Night. I just heard it from Vampire Weekend with "Giving Up The Gun," a song that just doesn't fit on the forgettable Contra. "Compliments" was actually a little too close for comfort, but the other songs on Infinite Arms are further proof of this band's songwriting prowess and fall in line with the brilliance that was Everything All The Time. So let's just count our stars that albums like Infinite Arms keep coming.

Give the album a second listen, Allison. This time, step away from your computer, turn off your smart phone, play Infinite Arms on your iPod, and go outdoors. This album will speak to you, I guarantee.


  1. Saw these guys live twice the past two weeks. They put on a solid show.

  2. Wow man, awesome. If I were only so lucky ...