Friday, May 21, 2010

Hit + Run

I can't stand corny graphic tees.
I don't care what name's on the tag.
I would rather create my own designs than let someone else express themselves on my body.
Before my computer crashed and I had to erase/install MAC OS X, I had a dozen or so designs ready to take to a printer friend of mine for screenprinting.
I had a few backed up, some I published here, but I'm taking a fresh approach from here on out. I also want to learn how to screenprint and silkscreen images onto T-shirts and other medium myself, and have made it a goal of mine to learn before summer's over. So if anyone knows of any screen printing/silkscreening demos/classes, please let me know.

Anyone who loves silkscreening and screen printing must check this site out. Did I say there's exceptions to what graphic tees I would buy?

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