Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Arcade Fire

Cool designs abound with Arcade Fire. They never cease to amaze.
Reminds me of an early-60's Hollywood flick.

Canadian collective Arcade Fire released two new songs of their upcoming and third release The Suburbs. As expected, the songs, "Suburbs" and "Month of May," are real toe-tappers. They maintain their familiar sound, offering up rich, synth-driven beats layered with Bruce-Springstein-esque guitar leads and the airey harmonies from husband-wife duo of Win Butler and Régine Chassagne.

Their debut, Funeral, and followup, Neon Bible, were rock solid records. After hearing these two songs, I dont' think Suburbs will fall far from the tree. This is a band with a plan.

I wonder what's up with the neighborhoods/suburbs themes that keep popping up in their songs? Almost as if they are looking at a snapshot of everyday life in a typical city and putting a score to it. Food for thought ...

Stream "Suburbs" and "Month of May" here.

Check out a previous post I wrote about Funeral here.


  1. I just listened to the singles tonight! I'm so pumped for the full length!!

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