Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I found on the inter web

At least one day a week I find myself linking my way from site to site discovering new music, artists, designers, ect.

Here is some of what caught my eye/ear this today:

Arik Roper's album artwork for Honest Strings: a Tribute to the Life and Work of Jack Rose.

Illustrator Arik Roper

Other than his apparent obsession with skulls and skeletors, I love his style.

Matt & Kim

I might be a little late hopping on the Matt & Kim train, but better late than never. It's some feel good music that is edgy enough that I can dig it ... in moderation.

This Raconteurs video, "Old Enough" (featuring Rick Skaggs and Ashley Monroe) is really good.

I've also come to a conclusion that, after giving them multiple chances and despite raving reviews of their new album, I can't get into Beach House. Just too sleepy for me, but you be the judge. I guess I just need those classic guitar riffs to make me happy. And happy I am, because I got my new guitar yesterday and spent a gorgeous afternoon breaking it in sitting on a rocky point in a remote bay on Lake George ; )

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